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I rated this app with one star only because it would not allow you to write it with zero stars, this app does not work at all and only ask you for more and more money!!! I cannot believe Apple would even allow a scam in their App Store


You have to pay to have more

Be aware

It not what I think, is not automatic live wall paper... you gotta press and hold on to order to show you the live animation...and they only give u a few live wallpaper ... the rest you gotta spend money again . You spent 3.99 for app and another 4.99 for live wallpaper To me is not worth it...


I need my money back there's no animation just regular picture.

App Is Way Better Now!!

Just updated to the new version. There are more included live wallpapers and they are way better than before. I think they have solved all the problems from the previous versions. Thanks for the fixes!!

Do not buy!

Read two reviews n all are the same.


Bad quality images, honestly I just loose $2


They purchase the application for nothing cause you can't use the wallpaper unless you pay for it again. So it turns out that you just paid $2 for the download. Don't waste your money.

Great app

Perfect for find the best wallpaper


Not bad

Waste of money

It shows cool live wallpaper on apps,when u buy it is total useless wallpapers and u wouldn't get snake wallpapers on less u spend another lost.


waste the money




Once u buy it for 2 dollars you have to buy the VIP package for 4 more dollars and if you don't then you can't use anything waste of time


No sirve

Don't do it! Wish I read reviews first!

Don't waste your money.


After I pay the app!! I have to pay again for downloading


This is bs!!! You pay for the app but does not allow you to download anything!!! Like nothing!! And apparently based on another review even when you buy the VIP you still can't download anything!! I want my money back!!! This IS a scam!!!


You offering lock screen HD, then we pay to download what already pay for f I'm the beginning? This is not good


Smh I wanted this to actually work bye bye 7$


Don't buy this app is trash!!

Worst app ever made don't get it

Well I bought it and it said that I needed VIP to get all the wallpapers so I did and the app would close it self and I kept trying and I rest my phone to see if that was the problem but no they scammed me in need my Birthday money back

Worst 0.99$ ive ever spend

Not only you dont get the cool pics that are shown in the preview. The ones they have are awfull. And if you whant more you have to pay 4.99$ more. I try to return the puerchase in a link they have and does mot work

Completely useless.

Can't even get a wallpaper to save without the app crashing. There is no cool wallpapers or any that they advertise. How is this app even on the App Store? I would like my money back.

Worthless app

I try to save any live wallpaper and it won't let you save it unless u pay $4.99 more I wouldn't recommend it to anyone


I just downloaded this app and it only gave me 15 wallpapers (not including any of the ones they were advertising) and when I tried downloading those, it crashed on me every time. Unless they fix this then it is a complete waste of money.

Toda una estafa

No compren está basura solo le roban el dinero

SCAM !!!!!

I wish I read the reviews before purchasing this crap!

Really bad

This is the worst 3 dollars I've spent in my entire life 😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡

bad app

don't spend money on this trash you but the app you want the back ground you want but THEN you have to pay an extra FIVE DOLLARS to get I wasted money on this next time people you put ALL DETAILS

It's great

Awesome app like an other one

I rate 5 stars

This is a very cool app that allows you to have really cool wallpapers



Not worth it

The add looked cool....... that's about it


I love's so cool but I only hate that u have to buy SOME wallpapers but trust me...... it's worth‼️ oh and..... when u out it as your wallpaper hold on it so u could have your cool wallpaper :)

Don't buy !!!!

It's fake you have to pay 8 dollars to unlock the photos

Waste of money

Very limited selection not even good selection the worst thing I ever purchased in my life do not buy it you will be very disappointed in it the ad showed allsome stuff it was a false advertisement

Great app


Don't buy!!!!!!!

This just cost me 3 dollars and it costs and additional 5 bucks to get the wallpapers to work. Total waste of money!!!

Is good

It's good




I lost three dollars and $4.99 for VIP and not even work VIP..


Is a good thing


It's trash


So stupid not even worth a dime😒


Not worth it

Don't buy

You need to pay five more dollars to actually use the wallpapers


Not worth it



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